sábado, 15 de septiembre de 2018

Chanel No. 5 @ IRL

8395 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33138
Saturday, Sept 15, 7 PM – 10 PM

Filio Galvez / Fernando Garcia / Maria Pacheco / Alejandro Taquechel / Ramon Williams

Channel No. 5 (Miami) is the second edition of a show that bounces off La Havana, five exponents articulate an exhibition project devised in Miami and executed first In Cuba and now here: Between grimy and aseptic customs, upstart leaders and shadows behind the throne , living ghosts in ruins of utopia and new vitreous iron structures, giant and empty.

No. 5 artists of different generations, with no more "stylistic" connection than being of Cuban origin, apart from living and working in Miami. The five traveled from shore to shore without scandal of interest to the media and its investors, simply setting in motion the ability of the art to take care of itself in the midst of the macro agendas of its time. Five coming back ... and being back.

From the basement of artist and friend Juan Carlos Alom in El Vedado, to Little Haiti.

Biennial or not
Hurricanes and Trash
Our suspicions and the year 00
the heroes
the traitors
the nudes
the fuzziness
High aroma
napkins and Voltage.
Our Reflexes off the roots of social science and economics.
Strokes in the Highways, monuments and statues.
A Russian kiss with out spit or snot.

Your passionate and then Arrested before your Warned. Fucking emigration laws. Bodies covered in shit. Particles of shit thrown at a radius of one hundred miles with the speed of the net, the wind of the history of duality and its passwords of ideologies in quarrel. Under these waters, does the shores touch each other? And those five there, between July and September, with two different samples of the same Channel, one from Miami and the other one from Havana.

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