miércoles, 9 de julio de 2008

************** D.A.D.A.SÓN @ CCE ************

A l f r e d o T r i f f’ s T r i o
p r e s e n t s

Generations of poets, prophets, and revolutionaries, not to mention lovers, drug-takers, and all those who have somehow found the time to stand and stare, have craved the experience of meaningful integration in art: the moment of absolute excess, unity, communion, and utter completion; the glimpse of how it is to be truly found and profoundly lost at the same time. Dada presented a different picture: Don’t expect so much, forget about purpose, and just let go.

This is what we’ll try to do this Thursday, June 10th at 8pm at the Centro Cultural Español: Mixing the dada impulse of vaudeville with a bit of Afro Cuban rhythm and rapidly collaged hopes for a son montuno. It’s all carefully presented as ready made, that is to say, as haphazardly planned as you can possibly imagine.

Alfredo Triff, violin

Alex Berti, bass

Daniel Ponce, congas

Rosie Inguanzo as Eslinda Cifuentes

Centro Cultural Español (CCE)
800 Douglas Rd. Suite#170,
Coral Gables
(305) 448.9677

6 comentarios:

Duchampion dijo...

Jeje Rafa me cuadra esa ilustracion duchampiana que le pusiste al anuncio de Trif. Todos a bailar y gozar con el DADA internacional.........

rodrigomartinez464 dijo...

Quien carajo es Eslinda Cifuentes?
Que cheo suena eso

Anónimo dijo...

Me cuadra ser caradeduchamp.

A.T. dijo...

Merci, Rafa.

Anónimo dijo...

la cosa estaba bien y despues callo en pique. que problema, jefe. pero todo bien por la nueva miami. aqui venden las camisetas?

JR dijo...

a mí lo que me gustó fue el besito con lengua

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