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4th International Drawing Annual 2008

A Competitive Annual Publication of Works of
Contemporary Drawing and Writing About Drawing
Deadline: December 31, 2008

Theme: The International Drawing Annual is an extension of
Manifest's Drawing Center activities. Its goal is to support the
recognition, documentation, and publication of excellent,
current, and relevant works of drawing from around the world. A
natural question will be "what is drawing?" and that is exactly
the question the Annual is meant to investigate. Furthermore the
goal is to ask "what is exceptional drawing?" Therefore
submissions are expected to vary, including a range of drawing
types, from the most academic to the most experimental, but all
with some relevance to the artists' honest understanding of the
practice of "drawing."

Essays: With the inclusion of a call for writing about drawing
Manifest eagerly pursues a deeper understanding of how
drawing is realized, discussed, and interpreted in contemporary
society. Works of writing will be selected to complement the
artwork chosen for inclusion in the publication.

Eligibility: The International Drawing Annual is open to any
artist submitting original works of art or design created within
the past three years. Professionals and students in ALL disciplines
are encouraged to submit. We are eager to receive works of
drawing in a wide range of applications (technical, graphic, fine
art, architectural, digital, etc.) with the qualification being that
artwork submitted is representative of high quality "drawing."
Written entries can be in any form (poetic, historical, technical,
philosophical) but should be directly relevant to the practice of
drawing and must be original works with proper citation for
quoted material. Length of written entries should be limited to a
max. of 1500 words. InDA entrants may choose to submit either
artwork, writing or both.

Media: Open to any media applicable to the practice of
drawing including but by no means limited to traditional drawing
media. Printmaking, digital media, photography, sculpture,
painting, installation, etc., are all possibly valid.

Publication: Each artist/author selected for inclusion in the
inDA will receive one complimentary copy of the publication.

Online inDA Resource: An Internet-based online
International Drawing Annual Resource website will be published
to accompany the printed Annual. This will feature statements,
bios, contact info., and professional information for each person
included. (

Entry Fee: Each work (drawn or written) submitted must be
accompanied by a $10 non-refundable entry fee. Number of
entries is unlimited. Entry fee must be paid by check or money
order made payable to MANIFEST, or by credit card via PayPal.
Detail images may be included at no additional cost.

CASH Awards: First, Second, and Third Place awards will be
decided by the jury committee. $700 first prize, $200 second
prize, $100 third prize. Each award winner will have a brief
artist's statement included in the publication.

Text: Entrants can choose to submit written entries in either
Word or PDF format. Written entries must be submitted
electronically via e-mail attachment.

Images: In an effort to conserve resources Manifest now accepts
only digital images for consideration. (see details below). The
Gallery will retain the submitted images of accepted artwork and
reserves the right to use the images in publications and gallery
publicity. CD's of works not selected will only be returned if
accompanied by a SASE.
(emailed digital entries and online form submissions preferred)
Digital Format: Digital images can be submitted on CD or by
E-MAIL (email to: The email and
online submission process is HIGHLY PREFERRED because it
makes our process more efficient and saves postage and
materials for the artists. Hi-Res, print-quality images will be
requested for accepted works upon conclusion of the jury
process. If suitable images are not provided, the work may not
be included in the publication.

To Send Via Email: The email should include the artist's full
name as subject along with 'InDA 2008 submission.' The images
must meet the following specifications: File names = artist's last
name followed by the entry number as noted on the entry form
(i.e. Jones1.jpg). The image files should be in HIGH QUALITY
JPEG format or better, images should be no smaller than 1000
pixels in any direction and 72dpi. Images must be oriented
properly (i.e. top of image is top of artwork). PLEASE follow
these specifications carefully. Feel free to contact Manifest for
assistance if you have questions.

To submit your entry via the web visit:

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