martes, 30 de marzo de 2010

((((((((((((((((( IN PARENTHESES )))))))))))))))

In Parentheses – A Collaborative Site-Specific Installation
Adalberto Delgado and Maria I. Amores
March 31 – July 1st, 2010

Miami-Dade Public Library, Sunny Isles Beach Branch

18070 Collins Ave. – 305.682.0726

Experimental artist Adalberto Delgado and architect Maria I. Amores come together in a collaboration to create "In Parentheses," a site-specific installation involving digital imaging and sound. The piece explores the relationship between the interpretation of symbols and their meaning in language, a process that occurs as a result of the connection between brain hemispheres. Each side has a characteristic way of interpreting the world and reacting to it. Viewers will consciously experience this connection at the moment when they cross the transit space between two parentheses. The aim: to place the individual momentarily in the interior of his or her own head.

Adalberto Delgado is known for his video art. He was co-founder of the Nada artist group of the 80's, dedicated to bringing art down from its altar to the people. Maria I. Amores is an architect with a vision for the fine arts.

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