sábado, 16 de octubre de 2010


We will be exhibiting performance art, video and sound art, phototography and paintings, plus the sounds of Pocket of Lollipops in our courtyard. Video art projections on our huge white wall by Tony Kapel. Come see what we are doing to bring real art to the area. Also, celebrating their opening the same evening a new tattoo and piercing spa in the building...Artifex! Check out the scene, it should be a good one!

A juried art exhibition showing the work of artists from the tri-county area (Miami, Broward and PalmBeach.) The artists in the exhibit were selected by Richard Arregui and Matthew Snitzer from the Fredric Snitzer Gallery and Lou Anne Colodny, video artist and former director and chief curator of the Coca (now MoCa)

The following artists will be showing work in different media, from conventional painting to video and sound art to performance and installations in our three spaces: ZONA VERDE, 6th Street Container and a "not yet rented space.

Jorge Chirino, Anthony Kapel, George Sanchez Calderon, Catalina Jaramillo, TJ Ahearn, Lu Gold, Cristian del Risco, Cristina Villamil, Stephanie Lupu, Misael Soto, Rafael Lopez Ramos, Aleli Egue, Daniel Garcia and Marlene de Lazaro.

And in our courtyard... special guests, Pockets of Lollipops plus projections on our walls by Tony Kapel.

See you at Megaplex,
Adalberto (Adal) Delgado

3 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

Congrats Adal and all 15 artists!!!!

Anónimo dijo...

Me alegra mucho verte envuelto en este proyecto, Rafa. Muy buena suerte!
Alejandro Lopez

R.L.R. dijo...

Thank you anonimo!!!.

Gracias por los buenos deseos, Alejandro!


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