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International artist and socio-political activist Serhat Tanyolacar, will perform the art piece titled “A Mutual Dialogue” between The Ground Zero Site and The Park 51-Cordoba House on Friday, February 11, 2011.

During this performance, Serhat Tanyolacar will wear an altered traditional Islamic garment that is called “jubbah”. One half of the garment, made of transparent vinyl, is screen printed with 153 news articles from The New York Times and The Washington Post. These articles cover the news on The Park 51 issue and the American public’s view on having a Muslim community center that is two blocks away from The World Trade Center site.
Tanyolacar’s first destination and opening act will be in front of the Park 51 (45–51 Park Place,
Manhattan, New York City) at 11:30am. As the opening of the performance he will start singing the American National Anthem and he will finalize the performance by reciting the first chapter of the Quran that is titled the Al-Fatiha in front of the Ground Zero site approximately on 12:00pm. Reciting Al-Fatiha is a common Islamic practice to salute the deceased people and to bring peace upon them.

Serhat will start the performance on the Church Street 11am tomorrow in front of the Ground Zero site. His first destination is Park 51(Muslim Community Center on Park Street). When he stops in front of Park 51 around 11:10am he will sing the American National Anthem. His second destination is the World Trade Center PATH Station. He will sing the National Anthem there again around 11:14am.
He will finalize the performance at 11:30am in front of the Tribute WTC Visitor Center on the 120 Liberty Street. He will take off the first garment and give an Islamic prayer when the second garment is on him.

Part of the performance will be live broadcast on:

For further information please contact Serhat Tanyolacar directly:

serhat@mail.usf.edu , (813) 846 – 2692
University of South Florida - College of The Arts
4202 East Fowler Ave., FAH 110 - Tampa, FL 33620

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