sábado, 27 de septiembre de 2014

THE TROJAN HORSE @Jorge Mendez Gallery

In several books and articles Cuban-born American writer and historian Servando Gonzalez has expressed a notion that certainly calls for complex thinking, one that he illustrated with the ancient image of The Trojan Horse. Cuban artist Rafael Lopez-Ramos successfully captured this concept on a brilliant homonym painting, conceived as a symbol of the "Cold War" and the central role Cuba played on that mise-en-scène during the second half of the twentieth century.

During such period, the small island gained an amazing relevance in our world, in almost every field: sports, politics, science, and of course, ARTS. The Jorge Mendez Gallery brings together 10 contemporary Cuban artists in a dramatic group exhibition – The Trojan Horse. Inspired by Abstract Expressionism, Modernism, and Post Modernism each artist has developed their own evocative style – best described as surprising and thought-provoking. Their visual narratives characterize by energetic movement, saturated color, intense emotion and suggestive shapes, whether exploring the human figure, the landscape or a pure abstraction. While each working on their own canvas, collectively they expose and celebrate the untold truths of a nation’s journey.

Juan Manuel Alonso
Lazer Fundora
Roney Fundora
Antonio Guerrero
Alejandro Leyva
Jorge Llamos Gonzalez
Rafael Lopez-Ramos
Miguel Angel Mendez
Natasha Perdomo
Jose Perez Olivares

 Join us for an opening reception on Friday, October 10th , from 6-9pm or anytime thereafter through November 12th to view The Trojan Horse.

756 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92262
Gallery Phone: (760) 656-7454

11 am - 5 pm Thursday - Monday
(closed Tuesday & Wednesday)

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