jueves, 9 de octubre de 2008


David Brieske

Juan Carballo

Mabel Perez

Hans Seitz

Maylin Gonzalez

Cecilia Rivera

Kerry Keeler, Landscape with Animals, 1988 – present Poodle, Persian, Pekingese, Bouvier des Flandres, Dalmation, tabby, mixed breed and artificial fur on paper

Jay Ore

David Brieske

Valeriano Torres

Tatiana Chaves

Tina Cornely

Kyle Barnette

Kyle Barnette

Rafael Lopez-Ramos, Selfportrait & Garden on Headligths, acrylic / canvas, 24" x 30", 2008

Milly Cardoso

Eliana R. Dominguez, Protecting Innocence/ Flood, Figment and Fender/
Fading Everglades
/ Beautification of South Beach and the Bass.

Kerry Keeler, Portland, Oregon, 2000 Gelatin silver print

Pamela Palma, Fiberama, 2008. Created especially for the MAM staff exhibition. Again I used yarns that I hand dyed and created a traditional weaving pattern. If you look closely you will see a diamond pattern in the weave, found in all ethnic weaving traditions worldwide. Then I incorporated some non-traditional material into the center section, for effect. The interplay of textures, the hidden meaning of the non-traditional material within a contemporary rendition of a traditional weaving pattern are all significant factors.

Valeriano Torres

Juan Carballo

Pamela Palma, Bowl of Fiber, 2008. It is a collection of bits of my hand dyed, hand woven fabrics. In my past incarnation as a fiber artist and fashion designer, I would begin with white yarn, prepare dye formulas, hand dye the white yarn into predetermined color combinations, and then weave the yarn into fabric on my floor loom. Then I would create dresses, skirts, vests and other garments or home accessories such as pillows, runners, wall tapestries…In the process of making the finished products there are bits of fabric left. Each snippet is beautiful in its own way so I collected them up into a bowl and presented them with serving utensils.

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RI dijo...

Muy bueno Rafa, todo en lo que andas metido.

R.L.R. dijo...

Gracias RosIn. Se te quiere también.


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