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"Soporte", 2011, mixed media on linen, 49 x 81

Cremata Gallery, 1646 SW 8th ST. Miami, FL 33135
Opening Friday, April 15 · 7:00pm - 10:00pm
April 11th - May 13th , 2011
Guillermo Portieles re-interprets his memories of existing places and familiar objects, thus making his work in a way an invigorating autobiographical account.
Portieles represents himself in the forefront of the canvas of his paintings. The body of the artist seems to enter the painted surface before him, or to dissolve into it. We are presented with one more version of a motif that perhaps has fascinated us for a long time: a character from the real world bursting into the pictorial representation. This motif would look rather stale if it weren't for the fact that in Portieles' versions, the images of both the artist and the canvas appear to embody opposite pictorial solutions: a painting that is divided into abstract expressionism and a photographic appearance. The artist's motif entering the canvas seems rather an excuse to make antagonistic forms coexist, enticing the beholder to discover the myriad of details that are revealed while exploring his paintings.

Yet, they are objects we are familiar with. They are images that remind us, almost in a Proustian sense of our childhood not from those visions that persist in our memory with more or less intensity, but from associations or small flashes that become alive with the sudden contact with objects that we had at hand in another time. They are objects that inhabited our daily lives and seemed rather irrelevant to us at the time.
Portieles in his canvases presents a masterful balance of formal elegance, technical flair and conceptual daring.

Ernesto Menendez-Conde
visual art magazine art writer and director

Cremata Gallery

1646 SW 8th Street
Miami, FL 33135
Ph: 305.644.3315

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