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Encrypted Messages

The Ultimate Solution to William Tell’s Conflict, 2011. Oil and watercolor pencil on canvas, 38 x 56 inches

April 16 – May 28, 2011

Artist’s Reception: Saturday April 16, 5-8pm

Tuesday - Saturday, 11am - 5pm

Couturier Gallery is pleased to announce the solo exhibition for renowned Cuban painter and sculptor Carlos Estévez, opening April 16 (through May 28, 2011) which will include recent oil paintings and watercolor drawings. Estévez’s work investigates a panoply of universal philosophical and psychological thought put forth by intellectuals throughout history. Estévez’s weaves together images of human, animal and machine forms in a complex world of metaphorical imagery. The artist’s opening reception is Saturday, April 16th from 5-8pm. (The opening reception will coincide with the Miracle Mile Art Walk to be held the same day.

Carlos Estévez’s intricately rendered paintings survey a rich history of philosophical, metaphysical and theological issues. They explore the nature of the world, free will and determination, predestination and the human condition historically traversing Medieval, Renaissance and Modern intellectual history through a visual vocabulary of humans, animals and machines representing each era in fine detail.

In addition to the seven large canvases are 14 watercolors illustrating, on a much smaller scale than the paintings, our daily preoccupations with self-image, time, relationships and satisfaction. These works on paper, brilliant in color and rich in detail, offer intimate views of ourselves with directness and great humor by creating figures that are a combination of figural, architectural and mechanical worlds simultaneously.

Couturier Gallery

166 N La Brea Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90036


Carlos Estevez

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Se ve que lo de Uds., como dice el bajante, es "mala yerba". Gástense el billete y fumen bueno, que lo que les sale del cerebro es mierda y anticuada. Qué retraso. Qué vergüenza ajena me provocan. Ojalá Castro parta pronto, a ver si regresan de una vez a vuestra isla de porquería. Te quiero, tu debes saber quién.


“ Cuban Basel ”, presenta a artistas cubanos de diferentes generaciones que tienen algo en común: Miami. Algunos de ellos han producido...