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Chromatic Aporias -a painting tetralogy
Rafael López-Ramos

September 19th - October 2nd, 2015

 770 NE 125th Street
North Miami, Florida 33161
T +1 305 893 6211
F +1 305 891 1472

This tetralogy of large-scale paintings embodies a moment of synthesis in López-Ramos’ work as he is returning to strategies and methods previously resorted to in his series Aporías del alma cubana* (Aporias
of the Cuban Soul), created in the mid 90s, while still living in Havana.

Those earlier works gathered different meaning constructions that have emblematized Cuba and “Cubanidad” (Cuban Identity), throughout its history. This includes realistic renderings of tropical fruits paraphrasing the gaze of colonial Art, the syncretism of Afro-Cuban religious symbols and Catholic images,
and the Revolution’s propaganda iconography.

In Chromatic Aporias the artist adds typical Americana popular culture characters, and esoteric symbols
related to the American political tradition. The carnivalesque mixture of such dissimilar narratives may
connote the cultural, philosophical and political paradoxes faced by the Cuban soul today, in a contemporary
reenactment of the Aristotelian concept of Aporia: the equality of contrary conclusions.

*The concept this series is based upon was first addressed by the artist in the text Los Corredores Aéreos del Alma Cubana, published in Revista LOQUEVENGA, La Habana, Año I No.1, 1994, pp. 71-72.

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