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The Tao of Aesthetics

When painting, Marta Estrems uses to pin her canvases up directly on the wall so she can get a solid support to safely brush, sponge or hand rub the paint with the proper energy and intensity to obtain these simple abstract yet expressive signs that equally embody violence and balance. She is definitively an action painter though her work is closer to the European Tachisme than to American Abstract Expressionism –it especially evoke the gestures of Mathieu, Hartung and Wols. Nevertheless, beyond its clear affiliation with Lyrical Abstraction, Estrems paintings closely relate to Taoist painting, an art that grasp the essence of Taoism through the representation of nature, simplicity, and the balance of Yin and Yang in order to project the feeling of harmony derived from both strength and simplicity of life and nature. Yin is the air (background, emptiness), Yan are the figures / images (fullness) and it all referrers a false duality as the ancient Chinese believed that matter and energy are one and the same.

Marta Estrems painting bears a power and energy similar to that one generated by swirling dervishes and Tai Chi masters, that is the energy created/displaced by the human body moving through the space with certain intention and at a given pace. It is hard to imagine how a title, mature woman can handle such enormous canvases and inscribe the high amount of energy and violence we can read on their surfaces. The signs and traces her hand and arm leaves on the canvas is a metaphor of the world in pain and unrest she is witnessing around, near and far. Yet, when a woman gets that pissed off is way better that she grabs a brush than a gun, cause the result can lead to evolution, instead of revolution or even crime. Thus, she seems to continue Fritjof Capra’s The Tao of Physics as her own Tao of Aesthetics.

Rafael Lopez-Ramos

Friday Dec 21,  6:39 pm
Arch Gallery, 1618 SW 13 Street, Miami FL 33145

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Marta Estrems dijo...

el hacer es febril e intenso y dificil de definir ,gracias a la profunda vision de la obra que ha hecho Lopez Ramos he podido desprenderme de ella ,chapeau señor Rafael .

Rafael Lopez-Ramos dijo...

Marta su obra ha provocado esa visión, la mano que escribe responde al ojo que ve.
Mis saludos y afecto.


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