jueves, 14 de septiembre de 2017



Cuban-American artist Coco Fusco will team up with Cuban artist Sandra Ceballos to create workshops in English that explore cutting edge art trends thriving at the margins of officially sponsored culture in Cuba. Sandra is the founder and director of Aglutinador, Cuba's longest running autonomous art gallery.  The gallery is located in Sandra's modest home in Havana. Since 1994, Aglutinador's has served as a hub for critically engaged artistic activities in Havana.

Artists, arts professionals, students and researchers from around the world will be invited to dialogue with Cuban art historians, critics, curators and artists, visit artists studios and independent art galleries. Participants will also have access to Aglutinador's extensive archives. One of our key goals is to digitize those archives to make them available to researchers everywhere!

For over twenty years, Aglutinador has hosted exhibitions, screenings and performances featuring artists who have been censored, imprisoned, forgotten or denied access to mainstream institutions because they are autodidacts.

We have created this campaign to raise funds  for multi-media equipment, upgrading our communications systems, digitizing archives and producing translations. Aglutinador needs to be bigger and better to get this project  up and running!

Why Support Aglutinador? Aglutinador is Cuba's longest running independent art gallery. Keeping it open and active for more than 24 years is an extraordinary feat in a country where the state maintains a monopoly on cultural management. Dozens of Cuban artists residing on the island as well as in exile, have presented work there. Young Cuban artists who want to test out challenging projects as well as older Cuban artists who have encountered censorship and institutional indifference have sought out the gallery to create memorable exhibits. Internationally known Cuba artists such as Tania Bruguera and Carlos Garaicoa have shown their work there.  Aglutinador has also hosted exhibitions by international artists such as Santiago Sierra, William Cordova and Leslie Hewitt. Fusco and Ceballos  want to offer Aglutinador's history as an educational resource to the world.

Please help us share Aglutinador with Cuban art lovers everywhere!


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